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To promote and advance the appreciation of purely transparent watercolor painting 
through education, exhibition and community service.

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49th Exhibition Other Participants

  • Accetta, Suzanne
    Accetta, Suzanne
    "Follow My Lead"
  • Amsellem, David
    Amsellem, David
    "Inside or Out?"
  • Anderson, Daven
    Anderson, Daven
    "Where is My Tuba Player Going?"
  • Apinyavat, Pong
    Apinyavat, Pong
    "The 5 North"
  • Archer, Sue
    Archer, Sue
    "Fashion Hi-Way"
  • Armitage, Ruth
    Armitage, Ruth
    "After Midnight"
  • Baker, Sally
    Baker, Sally
  • Bowen, Ginger
    Bowen, Ginger
  • Brayton, Francesca
    Brayton, Francesca
  • Burt, Dan
    Burt, Dan
    "Plaza Numero Uno"
  • Caldwell, Nancy
    Caldwell, Nancy
    "Whitney Falls"
  • Chen, Ginger
    Chen, Ginger
  • Cheney Parr, Leslie
    Cheney Parr, Leslie
    "Puy, Blanket of Spring"
  • Cipriani-Willis, Janice
    Cipriani-Willis, Janice
    "My Blue-Eyes"
  • Clark, Karen
    Clark, Karen
  • Cohen, Marsha L.
    Cohen, Marsha L.
    "Green G"
  • Curtis Warren, Mareth
    Curtis Warren, Mareth
    "Evelyn Won't Be There?"
  • Dworak, Kathleen
    Dworak, Kathleen
    "Pit Stop"
  • Eichler, Kathleen
    Eichler, Kathleen
    "Golden Memories"
  • Evers, Terry
    Evers, Terry
  • Gammalo, Teri
    Gammalo, Teri
  • Giles, Kathleen
    Giles, Kathleen
  • Goldstein-Warren, Laurie
    Goldstein-Warren, Laurie
    "All That Glitters"
  • Grady, Jan
    Grady, Jan
    "Golden Reflections"
  • Green, Joyce
    Green, Joyce
    "Turkey Noodling"
  • Hanlon-Breuer, Sandi
    Hanlon-Breuer, Sandi
    "Rorchach Aquatica ll"
  • Hanson, Janice
    Hanson, Janice
    "Tulip Time"
  • Holter, Michael
    Holter, Michael
    "Lilly Among the Roses"
  • Hounshell, Brenda
    Hounshell, Brenda
    "Peared Off"
  • Hunter, Iretta
    Hunter, Iretta
    "Mauve Maven"
  • Ikeda, Michiko
    Ikeda, Michiko
    "Autumn Harvest"
  • Jameson, Betty
    Jameson, Betty
    "Memories 4 in 44"
  • Johnston, Sue
    Johnston, Sue
  • Jozwiak, Bev
    Jozwiak, Bev
    "Thinking in the Abstract"
  • Kaye, Howard
    Kaye, Howard
    "Coca Cola Stage"
  • Keith, Susan
    Keith, Susan
    "Pear Illumination"
  • Kroll, Lynne
    Kroll, Lynne
    "Magic in the Woods"
  • Lavine, Alexis
    Lavine, Alexis
  • Li, Shuang
    Li, Shuang
    "Old Town Warsaw, Poland"
  • Lok, Kerk Hwang
    Lok, Kerk Hwang
    "Symphony of Rust No. 16"
  • McSweeney, Carol
    McSweeney, Carol
    "Passion in Washington Square"
  • Milton, David
    Milton, David
    "Airstream 5"
  • Mimura, Muriel
    Mimura, Muriel
    "San Miguel 2"
  • Misencik-Bunn, Christine
    Misencik-Bunn, Christine
    "For You"
  • Morley, Vicki L.
    Morley, Vicki L.
    "Whimsy Woods"
  • Morse, Casey
    Morse, Casey
    "Two Pillars"
  • Mose, Christine
    Mose, Christine
    "Interspecies Communication"
  • Neill, Eileen Mueller
    Neill, Eileen Mueller
    "Bladder Wrack"
  • Ng, Woon Lam
    Ng, Woon Lam
    "Companions of a Lovely Morning"
  • nichols, r. mike
    nichols, r. mike
    "Watching TV"
  • Ohara, Setsuko
    Ohara, Setsuko
  • Okubo, Setsuko
    Okubo, Setsuko
    "Morning Breeze"
  • Oleksa, Nancy
    Oleksa, Nancy
    "Immigrant Song"
  • Ressler, John
    Ressler, John
    "Palette with Paint(ed Lady)"
  • Rider, Jay
    Rider, Jay
  • Salchak, John
    Salchak, John
  • Schrader, Carol Ann
    Schrader, Carol Ann
  • Starkweather, Teri
    Starkweather, Teri
    "Flowers of the Sun"
  • Stevens, Tuva
    Stevens, Tuva
    "Norm's World II"
  • Stoltman, Scott
    Stoltman, Scott
    "Ode to Eluid"
  • Stubbs, Chris
    Stubbs, Chris
    "Life Was Beautiful Then"
  • Swenson, Brenda
    Swenson, Brenda
    "The Merchant"
  • Taylor, Don
    Taylor, Don
    "Linked In II"
  • Tseng, Phyllis
    Tseng, Phyllis
  • Wallace, Lenox
    Wallace, Lenox
    "Staccato - Signal Static"
  • Walters, Steve
    Walters, Steve
    "Patzcuaro No. 89"
  • Witty, Donna
    Witty, Donna
    "Rain, Rain, Go Away!"
  • Wright, Jan
    Wright, Jan
    "Serendipity Village"

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49th Exhibition Cash Award Winners

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