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Mission Statement

To promote and advance the appreciation of purely transparent watercolor painting 
through education, exhibition and community service.

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Watercolor West Scholarship Program


To encourage knowledge and use of transparent watercolor among artists and those studying to become artists,
Watercolor West offers scholarships to art teachers and students to cover the cost of
watercolor workshops, classes, courses, or materials. 


Scholarships will be awarded to art teachers or to students of art.

Scholarship Criteria:  

Watercolor West may fund the cost of a watercolor workshop, class, or course lasting at least one day but not more than six months in duration. The tuition stipend  is paid directly to the those responsible for conducting the workshop, class, or course, and not to the scholarship applicant. Payment for materials will be arranged case by case. Total amount awarded to an individual will be limited to $1,000 per year.

Application Procedure:  

Applicant shall send an email at least a month before the start date of the watercolor instruction to the Watercolor West Scholarship Chair. In this email, give appropriate contact information (name, address, telephone number, email address) and fully describe the following: (1) current art teaching position or current student enrollment, (2a) the workshop, class, or course to be taken, including cost, dates, and the name and address of the organization responsible for instruction, or (2b) the materials needed, and (3) the applicant’s experience with watercolor and reasons for seeking instruction or materials.

Required report:

Within three months after receiving a Watercolor West Scholarship, applicants are required to email a report describing their experience and evaluating its contribution to their current teaching or study of art.

In addition, Watercolor West may donate money directly to scholarship programs at secondary schools, community colleges, universities, or other providers of art instruction. 

For further information or to submit an application, contact the Watercolor West Scholarship Chair

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