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To promote and advance the appreciation of purely transparent watercolor painting 
through education, exhibition and community service.

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Award Winners

  • Debbie Abshear
    Debbie Abshear
    Ben and Mary Rabe Award "Strom Chasers"
  • Wilmer Anderson
    Wilmer Anderson
    M Graham Co. Award "Winter Hunt"
  • Norbert Baird
    Norbert Baird
    Combined Merchandise Award "Lights - No Action"
  • Frederick Bidigare
    Frederick Bidigare
    Signature Members Award "Woman in White"
  • Roger Boehm
    Roger Boehm
    Bill Peregrin Memorial Award "Annies Poppies"
  • Tonya Burdine
    Tonya Burdine
    Combined Merchandise Award "Out of Gas"
  • Angela Chang
    Angela Chang
    SDWS Reciprocal Award "Tokyo Night"
  • Robin Rogers Cloud
    Robin Rogers Cloud
    Henry and Fujiko Fukuhara Memorial Award "Highway 101"
  • Kathleen Conover
    Kathleen Conover
    Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Award "Opposing Powers; Industrial Evolution"
  • Patricia M. Dispenziere
    Patricia M. Dispenziere
    First Place Award, Second Place Popular Vote "The Play of Light"
  • Tom Francesoni
    Tom Francesoni
    Founders Award "Meilleurs Amis, Honfleur"
  • Detra Francis
    Detra Francis
    Third Place Award "Black Irish"
  • Richard D. Green
    Richard D. Green
    Mijello Co. Award "Wharf Walk"
  • Ronald C. Hill
    Ronald C. Hill
    Patron's Award "Back Bay, Canyon Creek"
  • Drayton Jones
    Drayton Jones
    Combined Merchandise Award "Two Chairs"
  • Ona Kingdon
    Ona Kingdon
    Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Award "Dream Catcher"
  • Shirley Manning
    Shirley Manning
    Combined Merchandise Award "Marina"
  • Mark McDermott
    Mark McDermott
    Signature Members Award "Floukas in Essaouira"
  • Joan McKasson
    Joan McKasson
    Combined Merchandise Award "Garden Matilijas"
  • Geri Medway
    Geri Medway
    First Place Popular Vote, Mijello Co. Award "Koi Spirit"
  • Woon Lam Ng
    Woon Lam Ng
    Janet Hilford Memorial Award "Morning Chat II"
  • Ouye
    Ampersand Art Supply Award "Green Fields"
  • Ann Pember
    Ann Pember
    Juror's Award "Dancing Water"
  • David Savellano
    David Savellano
    Second Place Award "Cadaques"
  • Arena Shawn
    Arena Shawn
    Combined Merchandise Award "High Summer Dreams"
  • Kim Ellen Smith
    Kim Ellen Smith
    Art Supply Warehouse Award "Golden Hills and the Coming Storm"
  • Linda Darsow Sutton
    Linda Darsow Sutton
    Juror's Award "Ice Queen"
  • Michael Tang
    Michael Tang
    NWS Reciprocal Award "Main St., Venice
  • Marilyn Wear
    Marilyn Wear
    Combined Merchandise Award "Lizard Among Flowers"

Other Show Exhibitors (in alphabetical order)

Hanna Adler - Jeanne Hyland

  • Hanna Adler
    Hanna Adler
    Looking Back
  • Kathleen Alexander
    Kathleen Alexander
    Evening in Haiku
  • Sean Barrett
    Sean Barrett
    Pickett Fence Dream
  • Katherine Barrows
    Katherine Barrows
  • Judi Betts
    Judi Betts
    Southern Agenda
  • Karen Bieber
    Karen Bieber
    Farmers Market Shoppers
  • Carol Z. Brody
    Carol Z. Brody
    Party Favors and Confetti
  • Christine Misencik Bunn
    Christine Misencik Bunn
  • Dan Burt
    Dan Burt
    Fulton Boat Yard 2
  • Nancy Caldwell
    Nancy Caldwell
    View From the Top
  • Leslie Cheney Parr
    Leslie Cheney Parr
    Mt Hood Meadow 2
  • Kathy Collins
    Kathy Collins
    Rainy Day, Bandon
  • Matt Connors
    Matt Connors
    Spring on the River
  • Julie Crouch
    Julie Crouch
  • Ratindra Das
    Ratindra Das
    Alpine Glow
  • Frank Eber
    Frank Eber
    California Light
  • Manette Fairmont
    Manette Fairmont
    Above the Firmament
  • Tom Fong
    Tom Fong
    View from Griffith Park Observatory
  • Sandi Hanlon Breuer
    Sandi Hanlon Breuer
    Kauai Coconuts
  • Gerald Hannah
    Gerald Hannah
  • Iretta B. Hunter
    Iretta B. Hunter
    Three Pitchers
  • Charlotte Huntley
    Charlotte Huntley
    Prairie Gold
  • Jeanne Hyland
    Jeanne Hyland

Jane Iten - Kris Preslen

  • Jane Iten
    Jane Iten
  • Lisa Jefferson
    Lisa Jefferson
    March of the Lillies
  • Kim Johnson
    Kim Johnson
  • Kim Johnston
    Kim Johnston
    Land Scaped
  • Beverly Jozwiak
    Beverly Jozwiak
    Just Keep Swimming
  • Gerhard Kammer
    Gerhard Kammer
    Step This Way
  • Chris Krupinski
    Chris Krupinski
    Pears and Strawberries
  • Alexis Lavine
    Alexis Lavine
    Low Tide
  • Shuang Li
    Shuang Li
    Happy California Cows
  • Fealing Lin
    Fealing Lin
    Market Rhapsody
  • Cindy Liu
    Cindy Liu
  • Kaaren Marquez
    Kaaren Marquez
    Waiting for a Painting to Hang
  • Richard Martinez
    Richard Martinez
    Sunset Bay
  • Eileen McCullough
    Eileen McCullough
    Steps Down to the Beach
  • Chuck McPhearson
    Chuck McPhearson
    The Judge
  • Carol McSweeney
    Carol McSweeney
    His History Upon His Face
  • Joanna Mersereau
    Joanna Mersereau
    Garden Valley Ranch
  • James Millard
    James Millard
    Bernardo Winery
  • Frances Miller
    Frances Miller
    Global Warming
  • Marilyn Miller
    Marilyn Miller
    Crystal Roses
  • Eileen Mueller Neill
    Eileen Mueller Neill
    Crystall Digger I
  • Erika Oller
    Erika Oller
    Summer Suit
  • Ruth Parker
    Ruth Parker
    More Work To Do
  • Monika Pate
    Monika Pate
    Waterlillies 5
  • Alexander Pekala
    Alexander Pekala
    First Home
  • Pamela Pignotti
    Pamela Pignotti
    New Mexico Kitchen
  • Kris Preslen
    Kris Preslen
    Cars I'll Never Own, #10

Gregory Radionav - Susan Winslow

  • Gregory Radionav
    Gregory Radionav
    Let's Talk...
  • Jay Rider
    Jay Rider
    Big Old Retired Yellow Tractor
  • Charles Rouse
    Charles Rouse
  • Keith Sanders
    Keith Sanders
    Old Artist With Nothing Left
  • Gerald Schain
    Gerald Schain
  • Diane Schmidt
    Diane Schmidt
  • Carol Ann Schrader
    Carol Ann Schrader
    The Red Door
  • Dale Russell Smith
    Dale Russell Smith
  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith
  • Susan Stuller
    Susan Stuller
    But Is It Art?
  • Laurie Tietjen
    Laurie Tietjen
    Cleo Sleeping in the Bed
  • Htun Tin
    Htun Tin
    Back Street
  • Phillis Tseng
    Phillis Tseng
    Smiling Mystery Man
  • Denise Tverdoch
    Denise Tverdoch
    Sunlight and Succulents
  • Sally Van Oosbree
    Sally Van Oosbree
  • Chris G. Van Winkle
    Chris G. Van Winkle
    The Pavillion
  • Susan Weintraub
    Susan Weintraub
    Park Bridge
  • Joy Wellhoeffer
    Joy Wellhoeffer
    Mid Summers Night's Dream
  • Robert Willis
    Robert Willis
    Marsh Morning
  • Jeanne Windoffer
    Jeanne Windoffer
  • Susan Winslow
    Susan Winslow
    Lilly Light

44th Annual Watercolor West 2012 Juried Exhibition

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