42nd Annual Watercolor West 2010 Juried Exhibition

Show Exhibitors (in alphabetical order)

Hanna Alder - Martha Grim

  • Hanna Adler
    Hanna Adler
    The Boy With the Blue Eyes
  • Wilmer Anderson
    Wilmer Anderson
    Wilmer Anderson
  • Pong Apinyavat
    Pong Apinyavat
    Pacific Coast Highway
  • Linda Baker
    Linda Baker
    What Comes Around
  • Kathleen Ballard
    Kathleen Ballard
    Valentine Roses
  • John Barnard
    John Barnard
  • Katherine Barrows
    Katherine Barrows
    Art Supply Warehouse Award / The Artist Magazine "Double Delight"
  • Ally Benbrook
    Ally Benbrook
    Second Place "Everybody Loves a Parade"
  • Robin Berry
    Robin Berry
    Don't Cry Over Spilled Paints
  • John Bohenberger
    John Bohenberger
    Henry Fukuhara Memorial Award "Tree Haven"
  • Sandra Bray
    Sandra Bray
    Canson Inc. Award "Orange Spice"
  • Francesca Brayton
    Francesca Brayton
    Crab Cooker
  • Gary Buhler
    Gary Buhler
  • Dan Burt
    Dan Burt
    Juror's Award "The Barnicle Boat"
  • Jack Campbell
    Jack Campbell
    San Martino
  • Angela Chang
    Angela Chang
    Wet Day in San Juan
  • Dick Cole
    Dick Cole
    NWS Reciprocal Award "Shining Hour"
  • Ratindra Das
    Ratindra Das
    Ben and Mary Rabe Award "Gompha 2"
  • Pat Dispenziere
    Pat Dispenziere
    Fez II
  • Bab Doughty
    Bab Doughty
    Crowley Tug
  • Bill Doyle
    Bill Doyle
    Golden Artist Colors, Inc. Award/Airfloat Systems, Inc. "Fish Creek Club House"
  • Kathy Dunham
    Kathy Dunham
    Love in Bloom
  • Sy Ellens
    Sy Ellens
    Valley Farm
  • Linda Erfle
    Linda Erfle
    Sunflowers with Cobalt Glass
  • Robin Erickson
    Robin Erickson
    Flea Market Find
  • Alexander Eyer
    Alexander Eyer
    Cat Nap
  • Mark Farina
    Mark Farina
    Carmel Valley Spring
  • Barbara Field
    Barbara Field
    Chinese Goose
  • Tom Fong
    Tom Fong
    Coit Tower
  • Tom Francesconi
    Tom Francesconi
    Lincoln Park
  • Louis Gadal
    Louis Gadal
    South Bay Reflections
  • Teri Gammalo
    Teri Gammalo
    Blue Vase
  • Winnie Givot
    Winnie Givot
    Kailua Coconut
  • Page Graeber
    Page Graeber
    Desert Flowers
  • Martha Grim
    Martha Grim
    Me Myself and I

John Hewitt - Kris Preslen

  • John Hewitt
    John Hewitt
    Wave Action
  • Julie Hill
    Julie Hill
    Almost Home
  • Ruth Ellen Hoag
    Ruth Ellen Hoag
    Brand Library Reciprocal Award "Red Hot"
  • Peggie Hunnicutt
    Peggie Hunnicutt
    Hue Did It
  • Kim Johnson
    Kim Johnson
    Winsor & Newton, ColArt America, Inc. Award "Deep Thinker"
  • Donal Jolley
    Donal Jolley
    Sunrise Mountain
  • Drayton Jones
    Drayton Jones
    Tin City
  • Bev Jozwiak
    Bev Jozwiak
    At Rest
  • Lola Juris
    Lola Juris
    Roadside Roses
  • Howard Kaye
    Howard Kaye
    The Meaning of Life
  • Seiko Konya
    Seiko Konya
    Red Framed Glasses
  • Mel Lacki
    Mel Lacki
    Spring Azaleas
  • Douglas Lew
    Douglas Lew
    St. Cuthcert's Mill Award / The Artists Magazine "Behind the Mast"
  • Fealing Lin
    Fealing Lin
    Family Outing
  • Luis Llarina
    Luis Llarina
    City Reflections
  • Diane Maxey
    Diane Maxey
    First Place "Spring Bouquet"
  • Jerrie McCluskey
    Jerrie McCluskey
    California Coast
  • Laurin McCracken
    Laurin McCracken
    Rooftops New York
  • Joan McKasson
    Joan McKasson
    Janet Hillford Memorial Award "Garden Poppy Cascade"
  • Patricia McMillan
    Patricia McMillan
    Washday at Keeler
  • David Milton
    David Milton
    Neon Boneyard
  • Mark Mohr
    Mark Mohr
    Bovine Bath
  • Javier Montoya
    Javier Montoya
    The Old Bridge
  • Suchin Naik
    Suchin Naik
    Blue House
  • Eileen Mueller Neill
    Eileen Mueller Neill
    Bright Lights
  • Vickie Nelson
    Vickie Nelson
    Jack Richeson Award / The Artists Magazine / Watercolor Magazine "ShowBiz"
  • Ted Nuttall
    Ted Nuttall
    SDWS Resiprocal Award "Just a Notion"
  • Mike Padian
    Mike Padian
    Purchase Selection "Mosquito Wash"
  • George Pate
    George Pate
    Market Street
  • Missi Paul
    Missi Paul
    Glass Glitterati
  • Barbara Pease
    Barbara Pease
    At Sunset
  • Alex Pekala
    Alex Pekala
    Rainy Morning
  • Kris Preslen
    Kris Preslen
    Cars I'll Never Own #7

Michael Reardon - Edwin Wordell

  • Michael Reardon
    Michael Reardon
    Blue Mosque
  • Marsha Rebstock
    Marsha Rebstock
    Cows and Matilija Poppies
  • Southerly Riley
    Southerly Riley
    Bea Riley
  • Kathy Ross
    Kathy Ross
    The Conversation III
  • Charles Rouse
    Charles Rouse
    Dark Water
  • Jim Salchak
    Jim Salchak
  • John Salminen
    John Salminen
    Third Place "Chinatown Restaurant"
  • Kay Sandler
    Kay Sandler
    Purchase Selection "Poppy Family #3"
  • Marilyn Schutzky
    Marilyn Schutzky
    Deep Within a Rhodie
  • Nancy Shiershke
    Nancy Shiershke
    Across the Street
  • Jackie Sorensen
    Jackie Sorensen
    Bill Peregrin Memorial Award "Spring Flowers"
  • Robin St. Louis
    Robin St. Louis
    Founders Award "Advise"
  • Mel Stabin
    Mel Stabin
    Volterra, Italy
  • Dot Stanton
    Dot Stanton
    Linda Doll Seminar Award / Purchase Selection "Glass Collection"
  • Douglas Simms Stenhouse
    Douglas Simms Stenhouse
    Outbuilding, Ocean Inst. Dana Point, CA
  • Jerry Stitt
    Jerry Stitt
    Patrons Award "Larkspur"
  • E. Jane Stoddard
    E. Jane Stoddard
    The Lace Curtain
  • Susan Stuller
    Susan Stuller
    Reflections on a Silver Tray II
  • Deborah Swan McDonald
    Deborah Swan McDonald
    Cactus Festival II
  • Tara Sweeney
    Tara Sweeney
  • Dan Tellep
    Dan Tellep
    Cheap Joe's Award "Pillar Point Docks"
  • Clonard Thomas
    Clonard Thomas
    Butterfly Delight
  • Htun Tin
    Htun Tin
    M. Graham Co. Award "San Francisco Powell"
  • Chris Van Winkle
    Chris Van Winkle
    Juror's Award "Hard Tack"
  • Steve Walters
    Steve Walters
    American River Rapids
  • Marilyn Wear
    Marilyn Wear
    Jack Richeson Award / The Artists Magazine / Water Color Magazine "Kohala Honu"
  • Maureen Wheeler
    Maureen Wheeler
    Dancer's Glow
  • Eric Wiegardt
    Eric Wiegardt
    Our Pond
  • D.E. Willis
    D.E. Willis
  • Edwin Wordell
    Edwin Wordell
    Mission Cacti

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