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To promote and advance the appreciation of purely transparent watercolor painting 
through education, exhibition and community service.

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40th Annual Watercolor West 2008 Juried Exhibition

 Show Exhibitors (in alphabetical order)

Alexander, K - Friedman, Devorah

  • Alexander, K
    Alexander, K
  • Anderson, Wilmer
    Anderson, Wilmer
  • Baird, Norbert
    Baird, Norbert
  • Baker, Sally
    Baker, Sally
  • Barnard, John
    Barnard, John
  • Batt, MG
    Batt, MG
  • Beck, Chris
    Beck, Chris
  • Bennett, Barbara
    Bennett, Barbara
  • Benson, Pam
    Benson, Pam
  • Bloom, Arlynn
    Bloom, Arlynn
  • Bohnenberger, J
    Bohnenberger, J
  • Bray, Sandra
    Bray, Sandra
  • Brody, Carol
    Brody, Carol
  • Bryant, Daryl
    Bryant, Daryl
  • Burt, Dan
    Burt, Dan
  • Cheney-Parr
  • Cipriani, Janice
    Cipriani, Janice
  • Cohen, Marsha
    Cohen, Marsha
  • Cole, Dick
    Cole, Dick
  • Cook, Christine
    Cook, Christine
  • Coolridge, David
    Coolridge, David
  • Das, Ratrindra
    Das, Ratrindra
  • De Chiara, George
    De Chiara, George
  • Dispenziere, Pat
    Dispenziere, Pat
  • Dizon, Oscar
    Dizon, Oscar
  • Dockham, Herb
    Dockham, Herb
  • Dutton, Janet
    Dutton, Janet
  • Falardean, HL
    Falardean, HL
  • Fong, Tom
    Fong, Tom
  • Formia, JoAnn
    Formia, JoAnn
  • Francesconi, Tom
    Francesconi, Tom
  • Francese, Frank
    Francese, Frank
  • Friedman, Devorah
    Friedman, Devorah

Geoghegan, Diane - Owen, Thomas

  • Geoghegan, Diane
    Geoghegan, Diane
  • Gerrish, Charlene
    Gerrish, Charlene
  • Green, Dick
    Green, Dick
  • Handford, Bruce
    Handford, Bruce
  • Harvey, Elaine
    Harvey, Elaine
  • Higuchi, Mary
    Higuchi, Mary
  • Hinton, Susan
    Hinton, Susan
  • Hong, Ruth Ellen
    Hong, Ruth Ellen
  • Hunter, Iretta
    Hunter, Iretta
  • Hutcherson, Linda
    Hutcherson, Linda
  • Jozwiak, Bev
    Jozwiak, Bev
  • Juris, Lola
    Juris, Lola
  • Keoll, Lynne
    Keoll, Lynne
  • Kittel, Anne
    Kittel, Anne
  • Kluglein, Karen
    Kluglein, Karen
  • Krupinski, Chris
    Krupinski, Chris
  • Laird, Robbie
    Laird, Robbie
  • Lin, Fealing
    Lin, Fealing
  • Ljuden-Elderkin, Phyllis
    Ljuden-Elderkin, Phyllis
  • Lord, Carolyn
    Lord, Carolyn
  • Manning, Shirley
    Manning, Shirley
  • Martinez, Rich
    Martinez, Rich
  • McCracken, Laurin
    McCracken, Laurin
  • Mersereau
  • Moranville, Rosamond
    Moranville, Rosamond
  • Mossman, Hugh
    Mossman, Hugh
  • Munro, Meg
    Munro, Meg
  • Nelson, Vickie
    Nelson, Vickie
  • Newick, Bob
    Newick, Bob
  • Nuttall, Ted
    Nuttall, Ted
  • O'Callaghan, Frances
    O'Callaghan, Frances
  • O'Neill, Catherine
    O'Neill, Catherine
  • Oshier, MJ
    Oshier, MJ
  • Owen, Thomas
    Owen, Thomas

Paul, Missi - Zerries, Al

  • Paul, Missi
    Paul, Missi
  • Paulsen, B
    Paulsen, B
  • Peregrin, Magda
    Peregrin, Magda
  • Phillips, Dick
    Phillips, Dick
  • Pierson, Bonnie
    Pierson, Bonnie
  • Promprabtuk, Preecha
    Promprabtuk, Preecha
  • Reardon, Michael
    Reardon, Michael
  • Reichow, Christine
    Reichow, Christine
  • Reinholz, Rikki
    Reinholz, Rikki
  • Ruchti, Jeanne
    Ruchti, Jeanne
  • Salminen, John
    Salminen, John
  • Schoonover, George
    Schoonover, George
  • Schrader, Carol Ann
    Schrader, Carol Ann
  • Schultzky, Marilyn
    Schultzky, Marilyn
  • Schwartzberg, LIta
    Schwartzberg, LIta
  • Sharpe, F Charles
    Sharpe, F Charles
  • Shook, Melinda
    Shook, Melinda
  • Smiddy, Beth
    Smiddy, Beth
  • St Louis, Robin
    St Louis, Robin
  • Stabin, Mel
    Stabin, Mel
  • Stephens, Richard
    Stephens, Richard
  • Stitt, Jerry
    Stitt, Jerry
  • Stuller, Susan
    Stuller, Susan
  • Swanson, Grace
    Swanson, Grace
  • Tin, Htun
    Tin, Htun
  • Van Winkle, Chris
    Van Winkle, Chris
  • Walters, Steve
    Walters, Steve
  • Wear, Marilyn
    Wear, Marilyn
  • Weigardt, Eric
    Weigardt, Eric
  • Willis, Robert
    Willis, Robert
  • Zerries, Al
    Zerries, Al

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