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43rd Annual Watercolor West 2011 Juried Exhibition

Award Winners

  • Tom Francesconi
    Tom Francesconi
  • Fealing Lin
    Fealing Lin
    SECOND PLACE AWARD "A. Kelly Pruitt"
  • Dick Cole
    Dick Cole
    THIRD PLACE AWARD "Chamber Piece"
  • Ally Benbrook
    Ally Benbrook
    Ampersan Aquaboard, Jack Richeson & Co., The Artist's Mag., Creative Catalyst Prod. Awards "All I Ever Do Is Wait"
  • Frederick Bidigare
    Frederick Bidigare
    NWS Reciprocal Award "Kama 1"
  • Matt Conners
    Matt Conners
    Purchase Selection "Mexican Oasis"
  • Ratindra Das
    Ratindra Das
    Golden Artists Colors, Savior-Faire/Fabriano, Watercolor Artist, The Artist's Mag. Awards "Yosemite Glow 2"
  • Nancy Dorn
    Nancy Dorn
    Patron's Award, Purchase Selection "Going Fishing"
  • Alexendra Eyer
    Alexendra Eyer
    Winsor & Newton Award "Study With Red Scarf"
  • Tom Fong
    Tom Fong
    M. Graham Co. Award "Maui Surf"
  • Joyce Green
    Joyce Green
    Bill Peregrin Award "Cataract Capricio"
  • Rachal Hasson
    Rachal Hasson
    Founders Award "Julia"
  • Ruth Ellen Hoag
    Ruth Ellen Hoag
    Ben and Mary Rabe Award "Jitterbug"
  • Norman Jacky
    Norman Jacky
    SDWS Reciprocal Award "Red Bike"
  • James Millard
    James Millard
    HK Holbein Inc., Savoir-Faire / Fabriano Awards "In Julian"
  • Christine Misencik Bunn
    Christine Misencik Bunn
    Juror's Award "10 Below"
  • Woon Lam Ng
    Woon Lam Ng
    Signature Members Award "Batu Island Indonesia"
  • Ruth Parker
    Ruth Parker
    JJC Ind. Distrib. For Daniel Smith, Strathmore Paper, Ampersand Aquaboard Awards "Farmer's Market"
  • Jim Salchak
    Jim Salchak
    Creative Catalyst Prod., Jack Richeson & Co., Strathmore Paper, The Artist's Mag. Awards "Henry"
  • John Salminen
    John Salminen
    Henry Fukuhara Memorial Award "Bryant Park"
  • David Savellano
    David Savellano
    Jack Richeson & Co. Award "Bazaar"
  • Gerald Schain
    Gerald Schain
    Art Supply Warehouse Award "Wonderment"
  • E. Jane Stoddard
    E. Jane Stoddard
    Purchase Selection "Inner Harbor Reflections"
  • Brenda Swenson
    Brenda Swenson
    Brand Library Reciprocal Award "Goin Nowhere"
  • Chris Van Winkle
    Chris Van Winkle
    Janet Hilford Award "Hiawatha's Song"
  • Gayle Weisfield
    Gayle Weisfield
    Juror's Award "Heading Home"
  • Eric Wiegardt
    Eric Wiegardt
    Signature Members Award "Port Townsend"
  • Robert Willis
    Robert Willis
    Sakura of America Koi Watercolors, Strathmore Paper, Watercolor Artist, The Artist's Mag., Jack Richeson & Co. Awards "The Muskrat Trapper"

Other Show Exhibitors (in alphabetical order)

Hanna Adler - Kristi Grussendorf

  • Hanna Adler
    Hanna Adler
  • John Barnard
    John Barnard
    Spainhour Ranch
  • Sue Bennett
    Sue Bennett
    Red River Valley
  • Judi Betts
    Judi Betts
    Rodeo Rest
  • Roger Boehm
    Roger Boehm
    Neighbors House
  • John Bonhenberger
    John Bonhenberger
  • Francesca Brayton
    Francesca Brayton
    B-Day Flowers
  • Tonya Burdine
    Tonya Burdine
    Better Days
  • Dan Burt
    Dan Burt
    La Gente
  • Angela Chang
    Angela Chang
    5 P.M. on Chuo Dori
  • Wenjie Chen
    Wenjie Chen
  • Janice Cipriani
    Janice Cipriani
    A Mover and a Shaker
  • Joan Clark
    Joan Clark
    Speightstow, Barbados
  • Christine Cook
    Christine Cook
    A Touch of Brass
  • Kathy Dunham
    Kathy Dunham
    Taos Hollyhocks II
  • Janet March Dutton
    Janet March Dutton
  • Frank Eber
    Frank Eber
    City Streets
  • Linda Erfle
    Linda Erfle
    Milk Goats of Saanenland
  • Lorraine Eustice
    Lorraine Eustice
    Flamingo II
  • Manette Fairmont
    Manette Fairmont
    Hill Top View
  • Helene Falardeau
    Helene Falardeau
    A Different Turn
  • Anne Fallin
    Anne Fallin
    Zanzibar Dhows
  • Frank Francese
    Frank Francese
    Rio Pereque acu, Parety, Brasil
  • Linda Fullmer
    Linda Fullmer
  • Mary Gilman
    Mary Gilman
    Cape Breton Highlands Laundry
  • Laurie Goldstein Warren
    Laurie Goldstein Warren
    Blues Harmonica
  • Page Graeber
    Page Graeber
    Awesome Discovery
  • Dick Green
    Dick Green
  • Veronica Gross
    Veronica Gross
    Snowy Afternoon on Jerome Creek
  • Kristi Grussendorf
    Kristi Grussendorf
    Central Park Photo Op

Gerald D. Hannah - Marilynn Robinson

  • Gerald D. Hannah
    Gerald D. Hannah
    Top Hat, Ventura, CA
  • Elaine Harvey
    Elaine Harvey
    Graceful Dancers
  • Grace Haverty
    Grace Haverty
    Blue Pot
  • Joyce Hicks
    Joyce Hicks
    Vineyard Farm in Cambria, CA
  • Ron Hill
    Ron Hill
    Corona Del Mar
  • Michiko Ikeda
    Michiko Ikeda
    Childhood Memory
  • Moira Johannessen
    Moira Johannessen
    Leader of the Pack
  • Ona Kingdon
    Ona Kingdon
  • Michelene Laski
    Michelene Laski
    Don Don
  • George Liang
    George Liang
  • Christine McCowan
    Christine McCowan
    Maine Color
  • Joan McKasson
    Joan McKasson
    Green Shutters in Italy
  • Sylvia Miller
    Sylvia Miller
    Flamingo Inn
  • Dean Mitchell
    Dean Mitchell
  • Gary Miyamoto
    Gary Miyamoto
    Hollister Peak
  • Frank Murphy
    Frank Murphy
    Stream Crossing
  • Ted Nuttall
    Ted Nuttall
    Rich From the Journey
  • Catherine P. O'Neill
    Catherine P. O'Neill
    Reaching out
  • Alex Pekala
    Alex Pekala
    Going Home
  • Antonio Pepito
    Antonio Pepito
  • Carl Purcell
    Carl Purcell
    I Heart That!
  • Pete Roberts
    Pete Roberts
    Back Bay Sailing
  • Marilynn Robinson
    Marilynn Robinson
    Hibiscus Passion

Suzy Schultz - Kathleen Zann Issacson

  • Suzy Schultz
    Suzy Schultz
    Waiting for Rain
  • Charles Sharpe
    Charles Sharpe
    Painted With A Roller
  • Catherine Sickafoose
    Catherine Sickafoose
    With Sunshiny Faces
  • JoAnn Skare
    JoAnn Skare
    Three Maasai Ladies
  • Jackie Sorensen
    Jackie Sorensen
    Colorful Medley
  • Linda Spearman
    Linda Spearman
    Chilean Pasture
  • Wanda Stallings
    Wanda Stallings
  • Diane Stolz
    Diane Stolz
    Toe Dancer
  • Dashuai Sun
    Dashuai Sun
    My Friend
  • Zhou Tianya
    Zhou Tianya
    Sunshine Garden
  • Marsha Uribe
    Marsha Uribe
  • Gayatri Vasudevan
    Gayatri Vasudevan
    The Fence
  • Karen Vincent
    Karen Vincent
    At the Turning Point
  • Steve Walters
    Steve Walters
    Patzcuaro Marketplace
  • Miyoko Whittelsey
    Miyoko Whittelsey
    Street Musician
  • Susan Winslow
    Susan Winslow
    All Tied Up
  • Ken Withers
    Ken Withers
    He Said He Was a Cowboy When He Was Young
  • Kikuko Young
    Kikuko Young
    Park Reflections
  • Kathleen Zann Issacson
    Kathleen Zann Issacson
    Fruit Vendor, Cartagena

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