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To promote and advance the appreciation of purely transparent watercolor painting 
through education, exhibition and community service.

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Award Winners

  • Armitage, Ruth
    Armitage, Ruth
    Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Merchandise Award "Learning to Fly"
  • Batt Sr, Miles G
    Batt Sr, Miles G
    First Place "Primary Boatz"
  • Betts, Judi
    Betts, Judi
    Stephen Quiller Merchandise Award "Sea Prince"
  • Chang, Angela
    Chang, Angela
    Henry and Fujiko Fukuhara Award "Warped Reality III"
  • Erickson, Robin
    Erickson, Robin
    Combined Merchandise Award #3 "Coffeehouse Window"
  • Fong, Tom
    Fong, Tom
    Art Supply Warehouse Merchandise Award "Morro Bay, South Shore"
  • Formia, JoAnn
    Formia, JoAnn
    Signature Members' Award
  • Francese, Frank
    Francese, Frank
    Signature Members' Award "Puerto Vallarta 2013"
  • Hannah, Gerald
    Hannah, Gerald
    Weber Mission Gold Merchandise Award #1 "Cowboy #2"
  • Hicks, Joyce
    Hicks, Joyce
    Bill Peregrin Memorial Award "Depot by the River"
  • Holloway, Israel
    Holloway, Israel
    Weber Mission Gold Merchandise Award #2 "Resting at the Gates"
  • Hook, William G
    Hook, William G
    Juror's Award "Cement Works"
  • Hunter, Iretta B
    Hunter, Iretta B
    Mijello Co., LTD Merchandise Award #2 "Up Beat Blues"
  • Jozwiak, Beverly
    Jozwiak, Beverly
    Combined Merchandise Award #1 "Feathers in the Wind"
  • Kempe, Barbara
    Kempe, Barbara
    Janet Hilford Memorial Award "Tropical Paradise"
  • Li, Shuang
    Li, Shuang
    San Diego Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award "Fishing Village, China"
  • Lin, Fealing
    Lin, Fealing
    Combined Merchandise Award #2 "On The Road Again"
  • Marriott, Alan
    Marriott, Alan
    Juror's Award "Bird Number 2"
  • Martinez, Richard
    Martinez, Richard
    Third Place "Fishing in Baja"
  • McFadden, Denise
    McFadden, Denise
    California Watercolor Association Reciprocal Award "Yes, Dear!"
  • McKasson, Joan
    McKasson, Joan
    Combined Merchandise Award #4 "Springtime Flowers"
  • Miller, Marilyn
    Miller, Marilyn
    Founders' Award "Printemps"
  • Ng, Woon Lam
    Ng, Woon Lam
    Ben and Mary Rabe Award "Shop in the Rain"
  • Nichols_R_Mike
  • Okubo, Setsuko
    Okubo, Setsuko
    Mijello Co., LTD Merchandise Award #3 "Ishikiriyama"
  • Pekala, Alexander
    Pekala, Alexander
    Second Place Mendocino
  • Rouse, Charles
    Rouse, Charles
    Weber Mission Gold Merchandise Award #3 "Morning Glow"
  • Salminen, John T
    Salminen, John T
    Patrons' Award "One Way"
  • Tseng, Phyllis
    Tseng, Phyllis
    Mijello Co., LTD Merchandise Award #1 "Maybe, Just Maybe"
  • Walters, Stephen E
    Walters, Stephen E
    M Graham Company Merchandise Award "You'll Love It!"
  • Wear, Marilyn
    Wear, Marilyn
    Canson Inc. Merchandise Award "Looking for Honey"
  • Wiegardt, Eric
    Wiegardt, Eric
    National Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award "Market in Nice, France"

45th Annual Watercolor West 2013 Juried Exhibition

Other Show Exhibitors (in alphabetical order)

Abshear, Debbie - Francesconi, Tom

  • Abshear, Debbie
    Abshear, Debbie
    Moonstone Beach Dwellers
  • Adler, Hanna
    Adler, Hanna
  • Ahn, Aija
    Ahn, Aija
    Shadow Waltz
  • Baird, Norbert
    Baird, Norbert
    No. 2 Jewel
  • Bamgartner, Mary G
    Bamgartner, Mary G
    Snow Blossoms
  • Barnes, Cliff
    Barnes, Cliff
  • Becker, Marnie
    Becker, Marnie
    She Knew 2
  • Bidigare, Fredrick
    Bidigare, Fredrick
    Magda in Red
  • Brabec King, Cindy
    Brabec King, Cindy
    Blank Pages
  • Brody, Carol
    Brody, Carol
    Party Papers and Ribbons V, Revisited
  • Burt, Dan
    Burt, Dan
    Piazza Del Mercato
  • Campbell, Jack
    Campbell, Jack
    Clean Air
  • Cheney Parr, Leslie 2
    Cheney Parr, Leslie 2
    South Downs 4B
  • Collins, Mark A
    Collins, Mark A
    Red Alert
  • Cooper, Oren C
    Cooper, Oren C
    A Day at the Beach
  • Diedrich, Ellen Jean
    Diedrich, Ellen Jean
    Wool Patterns
  • Dispenziere, Patricia M
    Dispenziere, Patricia M
    Play of Light II
  • Doyle_Bill
  • Drachman, Joan H
    Drachman, Joan H
  • Dutton, Janet Mach
    Dutton, Janet Mach
    Advance to Go
  • Eber, Frank
    Eber, Frank
  • Ellens, Sy
    Ellens, Sy
  • Eustice, Lorraine
    Eustice, Lorraine
    Morning Shadows
  • Even_Genie
  • Evers, Terry
    Evers, Terry
  • Fairmont, Manette
    Fairmont, Manette
    Sunset Over the Hills in Tuscany
  • Francesconi, Tom
    Francesconi, Tom
    Waiting on Tables
Goldman, Nancy - Preslan, Kris
  • Goldman, Nancy
    Goldman, Nancy
  • Goldstein War, Laurie Ann
    Goldstein War, Laurie Ann
    Native American Serie, Secret Little Powow
  • Grady, Jan
    Grady, Jan
    Sidewalk Cafe Venice
  • Hernandez, Angela
    Hernandez, Angela
    At Chacabuco
  • Hoag, Ruth Ellen
    Hoag, Ruth Ellen
    Hangin' Out
  • Hu, Xiaoxing
    Hu, Xiaoxing
    Cambodia Fisherman
  • Hyland, Jeanne
    Hyland, Jeanne
    Liquid Sunshine
  • James, George R
    James, George R
    Maui Ladies
  • James, John E
    James, John E
    Yellow Sail
  • Krupinski, Chris
    Krupinski, Chris
    Apples, Plums and a Yellow Roe
  • Lew, Douglas
    Lew, Douglas
    Girl Resting
  • McCullough, Eileen
    McCullough, Eileen
    Walking Through the Wetlands
  • Mohr, Mark A
    Mohr, Mark A
    BNSF Over the Kaw River
  • Nakamura, Sayeko
    Nakamura, Sayeko
    Episode XX
  • Neill, Eileen Mueller
    Neill, Eileen Mueller
    Soaring Kite Watchers
  • O'Neill, Catherine P
    O'Neill, Catherine P
  • Osko, Mary Ann
    Osko, Mary Ann
    San Francisco's Spirit
  • Pember, Ann
    Pember, Ann
    City Light
  • Peregrin, Magda
    Peregrin, Magda
    Last Light
  • Preslan, Kris
    Preslan, Kris
    United Colors of Venice

Ressler, John - West, E Gordon

  • Ressler, John
    Ressler, John
    London Work Party
  • Riley, Bea
    Riley, Bea
    Harbor 20's
  • Robinson, Marilynn
    Robinson, Marilynn
    Hibscus Passion
  • Rogers Cloud, Robin
    Rogers Cloud, Robin
    Laguna After the Rain
  • Ross, James
    Ross, James
    California Hangover
  • Salchak, John
    Salchak, John
    The Haircut
  • Schutzky, Marilyn
    Schutzky, Marilyn
    Appleblossom Amaryllis
  • St Louis, Robin
    St Louis, Robin
    Heart to Heart
  • Stallings, Wanda
    Stallings, Wanda
    Santa Fe Stroll
  • Stuller, Susan
    Stuller, Susan
    Catch of the Day
  • Swenson, Brenda
    Swenson, Brenda
    La Quinta
  • Tin_Htun
  • Tolen, Margaret
    Tolen, Margaret
    Musician Mouse
  • Tooley, Paul
    Tooley, Paul
    Skaters at Rockefeller Center
  • Underhill, Jane
    Underhill, Jane
    Moonlit Barcelona
  • Van Patten, Marta
    Van Patten, Marta
  • Van Winkle, Chris G
    Van Winkle, Chris G
    Sunday in the Algarve
  • Walter, Astrid Edel
    Walter, Astrid Edel
    Veiled Beauty
  • Wellhoefer, Joy
    Wellhoefer, Joy
    Budapest Street
  • West, E Gordon
    West, E Gordon
    San Antonio River Reflected

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