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To promote and advance the appreciation of purely transparent watercolor painting 
through education, exhibition and community service.

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47th Exhibition Other Participants

Patricia Abraham - Valdoris Wright

  • Abraham, Patricia
    Abraham, Patricia
  • Aurigemma, Dianna
    Aurigemma, Dianna
  • Barnard, John
    Barnard, John
    Atascadero Creek
  • Barnes, Cliff
    Barnes, Cliff
    Fishing Boat and Seagulls
  • Barss, Betty
    Barss, Betty
    By the Light of the Moon
  • Benson, Pamela
    Benson, Pamela
    Two of a Kind
  • Betts, Judi
    Betts, Judi
    Southern Queen
  • Bray, Sandra
    Bray, Sandra
    Epiphyllum Blush
  • Brayton, Francesca
    Brayton, Francesca
    Mrs. B's, Tustin
  • Burt, Dan
    Burt, Dan
    The Church at Bianca
  • Caldwell, Nancy
    Caldwell, Nancy
    Buffalo Soldiers, Yosemite National Park
  • Cheney-Parr, Leslie
    Cheney-Parr, Leslie
    Castles and Vines (Mosel)
  • Cordivin, Chrysandra
    Cordivin, Chrysandra
    Admiring Prariefire
  • Crouch, Julie
    Crouch, Julie
    Luscious Fruit
  • Diederich, Ellen Jean
    Diederich, Ellen Jean
    Traffic Patterns
  • Doyle, Bill
    Doyle, Bill
    Little Red Boat
  • Eustice, Lorraine
    Eustice, Lorraine
    Morning Stroll
  • Figler, Jill
    Figler, Jill
    Veiled Landscape
  • Folk, Glenda
    Folk, Glenda
    Home Sweet Home
  • Formia, Joann
    Formia, Joann
    Half Dome - Out of the Shadows
  • Friedman, Devorah
    Friedman, Devorah
    Big Easy Blues
  • Frye, Carol
    Frye, Carol
    Woven in Time
  • Fullmer, Linda
    Fullmer, Linda
    Mango Road
  • Funderburk, Brent
    Funderburk, Brent
  • Grady, Jan
    Grady, Jan
    Colored Bottles in Sunlight
  • Green, Joyce
    Green, Joyce
    Milkweed Flight
  • Grim, Martha
    Grim, Martha
    Red Shoes for Melanie
  • Hanlon-Breuer, Sandi
    Hanlon-Breuer, Sandi
    Water Horses (Paris Fountains II)
  • Harvery, Elaine
    Harvery, Elaine
    Cathedral Steps
  • Hernandez, Angela
    Hernandez, Angela
    Currently Moored
  • Holter, Michael
    Holter, Michael
    The Shepherd
  • Hu, Zhebin
    Hu, Zhebin
    Little Friends
  • Hunter, Iretta
    Hunter, Iretta
    Quilted Onions
  • Ihl, Claudia
    Ihl, Claudia
    Kauai Ferns
  • Iten, Jane
    Iten, Jane
    Black Thundah
  • Jameson, Betty
    Jameson, Betty
    5 Boats
  • Joe, Alvin
    Joe, Alvin
    End of Harvest
  • Kroll, Lynne
    Kroll, Lynne
    Lunar Reverie
  • Laird, Robbie
    Laird, Robbie
    Ancient Bristlecone Morning
  • Lin, Fealing
    Lin, Fealing
    Three Merchants
  • Martinez, Richard
    Martinez, Richard
    Sunset Regata, Balboa
  • McCormack, Geoffery
    McCormack, Geoffery
    Sacred Stones
  • McCullough, Eileen
    McCullough, Eileen
    The Kite Connection
  • McSweeney, Carol
    McSweeney, Carol
    Playing at Pike's
  • Millard, James
    Millard, James
    Quiet Wharf
  • Miller, Sylvia
    Miller, Sylvia
    By the Bay
  • Mullen, Linda
    Mullen, Linda
    Whiter Shade of Purple
  • Neale, Nancy
    Neale, Nancy
  • Nelsone, Vickie
    Nelsone, Vickie
    Under the Bridge
  • NG, Woon Lam
    NG, Woon Lam
    A Fishing Village Impression
  • Osko, Mary Ann
    Osko, Mary Ann
    Morning's Beauties
  • Parins, Kris
    Parins, Kris
    Empire State
  • Shawn, Arena
    Shawn, Arena
    Fire Dance
  • Smith, Mark
    Smith, Mark
    Setenil de la Bodegas
  • Spearman, Linda
    Spearman, Linda
    Comfort Zone
  • St. Louis, Robin
    St. Louis, Robin
    The Condiment Collector
  • Steedman Robert
    Steedman Robert
    Signs of Winter
  • Stephens, Tuva
    Stephens, Tuva
    Just Norm
  • Stone, Hazel
    Stone, Hazel
    Pass Word
  • Stuller, Susan
    Stuller, Susan
    Strawberry Jamming Too
  • Sullivan, Christine
    Sullivan, Christine
    In the South of France
  • Sullivan, Richard
    Sullivan, Richard
    Nolan Ryan
  • Walters, Stephen E.
    Walters, Stephen E.
    The Wooden Prince
  • Whittelsey, Miyoko
    Whittelsey, Miyoko
  • Wolf, Carrol Ann
    Wolf, Carrol Ann
    That's Tom
  • Wright, Valdora
    Wright, Valdora
    Sibling Rivalry
47th Exhibition Award Winners
  • Gross, Veronica
    Gross, Veronica
    Asilomar Beach Egret, First Place
  • Nelson, James
    Nelson, James
    Forgotten Orange Tree, Second Place
  • Turner, Sabina
    Turner, Sabina
    Nefertiti of the Tribes, Third Place
  • Yeoh, Jayson Choon Seng
    Yeoh, Jayson Choon Seng
    Indefinite Irrelevance 2, Lily Award
  • Cipriani-Willis, Janice
    Cipriani-Willis, Janice
    Togo Cook, Morris J. Shubin Memorial Award
  • Nichols, R. Mike
    Nichols, R. Mike
    Family Foto 2, Patrons' Award
  • Brody, Carol Z.
    Brody, Carol Z.
    Party Papers, Ribbons and Red Confetti, Patrons' Award
  • Francese, Frank
    Francese, Frank
    Florida Keys, Signature Members'
  • Krupinski, Chris
    Krupinski, Chris
    Strawberry Alley, Signature Members' Award
  • Das, Ratindra
    Das, Ratindra
    Lijiang Alley, Founders' Award
  • Even, Genie
    Even, Genie
    Mist Along the Trail, National Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award
  • Okubo, Setsuko
    Okubo, Setsuko
    Flower Rhapsody, Henry and Fujiko Fukuhara Memorial Award
  • Baker, Linda
    Baker, Linda
    In the Alley, Ben and Mary Rabe Award
  • Hetzel, Suzanne
    Hetzel, Suzanne
    Avignon, Janet Hilford Memorial Award
  • Higuichi,, Hatsuko Mary
    Higuichi,, Hatsuko Mary
    Woebegone, San Diego Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award
  • Rouse, Charles
    Rouse, Charles
    Puerto Vallarta Alta Vista, California Watercolor Association Reciprocal Award
  • Benbrook, Ally
    Benbrook, Ally
    Be Home Soon, Bill and Magda Peregrin Memorial Award
  • Juris, Lola
    Juris, Lola
    Shapes and Shadows, Juror's Award
  • Call, Ken
    Call, Ken
    Serenity, Juror's Award
  • Wiegardy, Eric
    Wiegardy, Eric
    Milano, Weber Mission Gold Merchandise Award 1
  • Youngmann, Gene
    Youngmann, Gene
    In the Shed, Weber Mission Gold Merchandise Award 2
  • Cole, Dick
    Cole, Dick
    Orlando 25, Weber Mission Gold Merchandise Award 3
  • Brady, Ann
    Brady, Ann
    Parts Unknown, I Combined Merchandise Award
  • Fong, Tom
    Fong, Tom
    Yosemite Valley, II Combined Merchandise Award
  • McDermott, Mark
    McDermott, Mark
    Fisherman in Essaouira, III Combined Merchandise Award
  • Farine, Mark
    Farine, Mark
    Cypress Point 15, IV Combined Merchandise Award
  • Hook, William G.
    Hook, William G.
    Shasta Lake Bridge, M. Graham Company Award
  • Green, Richard D.
    Green, Richard D.
    Silent Forest, Chartpak/Schmincke Art Material Award
  • Francesconi, Tom
    Francesconi, Tom
    Honfleur Harbor Market, V Combined Merchandise Award
  • Chang, Angela
    Chang, Angela
    Filling Station Cafe VIII, Canson Award
  • Pfhal, Gittaa
    Pfhal, Gittaa
    Basket of Sunshine, Art Supply Warehouse Gift Certificate
  • Harbacheuskaya, Tatsiana
    Harbacheuskaya, Tatsiana
    Silver Morning, Jerry's Artarama Gift Certificate
  • Johnson, Kie
    Johnson, Kie
    In the Studio, H.K. Holbien Award
  • Rebstock, Marsha
    Rebstock, Marsha
    Morro Bay, Swain's Art Supplies Gift Card

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