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To promote and advance the appreciation of purely transparent watercolor painting 
through education, exhibition and community service.

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46th Annual Watercolor West 2014 Juried Exhibition

Award Winners

  • Adler, Hanna
    Adler, Hanna
    Merchandise Award ($360) "The Observer"
  • Baker, Linda
    Baker, Linda
    Morris Shubin Memorial Award $1000 "Afternoon Breeze"
  • Ballard, Kathleen
    Ballard, Kathleen
    Merchandise Award "White Beauties"
  • Brabec-King, Cindy
    Brabec-King, Cindy
    M Graham Company Award $300 "Nutcracker Sweet"
  • Brody, Carol Z.
    Brody, Carol Z.
    Weber-Mission Gold Merchandise Award $1500 "Party Papers, Ribbons and Confetti V"
  • Call, Ken
    Call, Ken
    Mijello Award $400 "Red Suckers"
  • Chang, Angela
    Chang, Angela
    Art Supply Warehouse Award $250 "Afternoon at Ramos"
  • Cheney-Parr, Leslie
    Cheney-Parr, Leslie
    Mijello Award $400 "Harris Cove"
  • Cole, Dick
    Cole, Dick
    Janet Hilford Memorial Award $500 "Lorenzo House"
  • Das, Ratindra
    Das, Ratindra
    Canson Excellence in Arts Award $300 "Cajititlan3"
  • Eber, Frank
    Eber, Frank
    Jean Seybold Award $150 "Orange Shadows"
  • Erickson, Robin
    Erickson, Robin
    Mijello Award $400 "Quiet Corner II"
  • Fong, Tom
    Fong, Tom
    Merchandise Award $460 "Blue Cove"
  • Friedman, Deborah
    Friedman, Deborah
    NWS Society Reciprocal Award $500 "HOME STRETCH"
  • Goldstein-Warren, Laurie Ann
    Goldstein-Warren, Laurie Ann
    Third Place $1000 "Mardi Gras - Mask"
  • Hall, Yuki
    Hall, Yuki
    Founder's Award $500 "Commuters in Detroit"
  • Harbacheuskaya, Tatsiana
    Harbacheuskaya, Tatsiana
    Bill and Magda Peregrin Memorial Award $250 "Stephan"
  • Hyland, Jeanne
    Hyland, Jeanne
    Juror's Award $200 "Sunflower Blast #1"
  • James, John E.
    James, John E.
    Ben and Mary Rabe Award $500 "Letter to remember"
  • Jozwiak, Beverly
    Jozwiak, Beverly
    Merchandise Award $260 "Orders Up"
  • Kempe, Barbara
    Kempe, Barbara
    Merchandise Award $315 Garden Gone Wild
  • Larsson-Dahlin, Ann
    Larsson-Dahlin, Ann
    Second Place $1500 Afternoon Light
  • McAllister, William
    McAllister, William
    Stephen Quiller Award $200 "PINGUINO - TESSARO'S"
  • McDermott, Mark
    McDermott, Mark
    Henry and Fujiko Fukuhara Memorial Award $500 "The Blacksmith"
  • Misencik Bunn, Christine
    Misencik Bunn, Christine
    HK Holbein Award $275 "Full Circle"
  • Ng, Woon Lam
    Ng, Woon Lam
    Juror's Award $200 Shoppers in the rain @ Little India
  • O'Neill, Catherine P.
    O'Neill, Catherine P.
    Patron's Award $500 "Foul Ball"
  • Parins, Kris
    Parins, Kris
    Weber-Mission Gold Merchandise Award $2000 "Nine Bicycles"
  • Rogers Cloud, Robin
    Rogers Cloud, Robin
    Cheap Joe's Award $250 Sunset over the valley
  • Rothchild Ollis, Linda
    Rothchild Ollis, Linda
    Signature Members' Award $500 "Old Tug 10"
  • Rouse, Charles
    Rouse, Charles
    Weber-Mission Gold Merchandise Award $1500 "NEW YORK YELLOW"
  • Savellano, David
    Savellano, David
    Lily Award $1000 "Rodeo Beach"
  • St.Louis, Robin
    St.Louis, Robin
    First Place $2000 "Marketing Majors"
  • Stubbs, Chris
    Stubbs, Chris
    Signature Members' Award $500 "Without Hope"
  • Zhou, Tianya
    Zhou, Tianya
    SDWS Reciprocal Award "Water Town"

Other Show Exhibitors (in alphabetical order)

Abshear, Debbie - Huntley, Charlotte

  • Abshear, Debbie
    Abshear, Debbie
    California Eucalyptus
  • Adler, Hanna
    Adler, Hanna
    The Observer
  • Armitage, Ruth
    Armitage, Ruth
  • Backer, Mary
    Backer, Mary
    Patchwork #6
  • Baker, Linda
    Baker, Linda
    Afternoon Breeze
  • Ballard, Kathleen
    Ballard, Kathleen
    White Beauties
  • Barnard, John
    Barnard, John
    Paso Robles Wine County
  • Berry, Robin
    Berry, Robin
    The Gathering
  • Betts, Judi
    Betts, Judi
    Keep Moving
  • Brabec-King, Cindy
    Brabec-King, Cindy
    Nutcracker Sweet
  • Brody, Carol Z.
    Brody, Carol Z.
    Party Papers, Ribbons and Confetti V
  • Burns, Jody Henderer
    Burns, Jody Henderer
    Squeeze Me
  • Burt, Dan
    Burt, Dan
    The Church of San Pietro
  • Campbell, Jack
    Campbell, Jack
    Almost There
  • Cipriani-Willis, Janice
    Cipriani-Willis, Janice
    Nascar Fans
  • Clary, Eileen
    Clary, Eileen
    Artist at Work-The Rehearsal
  • Collins, Kathy
    Collins, Kathy
  • Drachman, Joan H.
    Drachman, Joan H.
  • Durdin, Kathleen
    Durdin, Kathleen
    Courtney III
  • Durland, Maud
    Durland, Maud
  • Dutton, Janet Mach
    Dutton, Janet Mach
    Keep Movin'
  • Erfle, Linda
    Erfle, Linda
    Persimmons at Sunrise #2
  • Evers, Terry
    Evers, Terry
  • Fechebach, Diane
    Fechebach, Diane
  • Formia, JoAnn
    Formia, JoAnn
  • Godfrey, Margaret
    Godfrey, Margaret
    Blue Moon Heron II
  • Hanlon-Breuer, Sandi
    Hanlon-Breuer, Sandi
    Looking Outside the Bowl
  • Hannah, Geral
    Hannah, Geral
    fantasy island
  • Hanson, Janice C.
    Hanson, Janice C.
  • Harvey, Elaine
    Harvey, Elaine
    Sea Weaver
  • Holloway, Israel
    Holloway, Israel
    Distant Blue
  • Hunter, Iretta
    Hunter, Iretta
    Over the Side Fence
  • Huntley, Charlotte
    Huntley, Charlotte
    Flower Lover

Ikeda, Minoru - Rajnus, Sharon

  • Ikeda, Minoru
    Ikeda, Minoru
    Cannon Beach, Oregon
  • Johnson, Jeanne
    Johnson, Jeanne
    Three Sports
  • Kammer, Gerhard
    Kammer, Gerhard
  • Krupinski, Chris
    Krupinski, Chris
    Pitcher and Persimmons
  • Kuxhausen, Barbara C.
    Kuxhausen, Barbara C.
    St Marks Square Revisited
  • Lavine, Alexis
    Lavine, Alexis
    At the Parade
  • Lin, Fealing
    Lin, Fealing
    Just Between You And Me
  • Llarina, Luis
    Llarina, Luis
  • Martinez, Marciano
    Martinez, Marciano
    Your Place
  • McCluskey, Jerrie Lee
    McCluskey, Jerrie Lee
  • McCullough, Eileen
    McCullough, Eileen
    Main and Walnut
  • Neale, Nancy
    Neale, Nancy
  • Neill, Eileen Mueller
    Neill, Eileen Mueller
    Durango to Silverton
  • Nichols, R. Mike
    Nichols, R. Mike
    Topsy Turvy
  • Oreck, Kaaren
    Oreck, Kaaren
    Ustukushiii Friends
  • Osko, Mary Ann
    Osko, Mary Ann
    Summer Walk
  • Peterson, Charlotte
    Peterson, Charlotte
    He Loves Me
  • Rajnus, Sharon
    Rajnus, Sharon
    Sightseeing Denali

Schaller, Thomas W. - Zhang, Yueqi

  • Schaller, Thomas W.
    Schaller, Thomas W.
    Museum of Natural History - NYC
  • Silvers, Mark
    Silvers, Mark
    Paper Patterns
  • Stephens, Tuva
    Stephens, Tuva
    Silver Thunder
  • Stoddard, Joseph
    Stoddard, Joseph
    Colorado Street Bridge Moonlight
  • Tang, Michael
    Tang, Michael
  • Taylor, Donald
    Taylor, Donald
    Chinese Lanterns
  • Todd, Judy
    Todd, Judy
    Picnic Anyway 1945
  • Tolen, Margaret
    Tolen, Margaret
    Bakersfield Cows
  • Towle, Sharon
    Towle, Sharon
    Candy & Cosmos
  • Van Winkle, Chris G.
    Van Winkle, Chris G.
    First Snow, Yosemite
  • Walters, Stephen E.
    Walters, Stephen E.
    Oporto Fishermen
  • Wear, Marilyn
    Wear, Marilyn
    Guardian of the Garden
  • Weatherby, Cristine
    Weatherby, Cristine
    Still Waiting Too
  • Willis, Robert
    Willis, Robert
    The Caretaker
  • Yabe, Chihiro
    Yabe, Chihiro
    Autumn Light
  • Yeoh, Choon Seng Jayson
    Yeoh, Choon Seng Jayson
    Accumulate 34
  • Zhang, Yueqi
    Zhang, Yueqi
    We Three

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